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Recruitment FAQ

How do I find out if a job is open for recruitment?
There are a number of ways to keep informed as to the available job opportunities:
  • Individual job announcements are electronically mailed to BUSD employees who have e-mail when recruitments are opened.
  • As a vacancy opens up, a job is posted electronically on the Personnel Commission’s home page under Job Opportunities and on Ed-Join (Educational Job Opportunities Information Network).
  • Job announcements are also posted on employee bulletin boards at various locations throughout BUSD’s service area and are mailed to surrounding school districts and community colleges.
  • If there is a position that you're interested in, but it is not currently listed under open job opportunities, find that position by browsing our complete list of current job specifications. Once you locate the position of interest, click the link email me when the position opens" to fill out a job interest card. You will be notified by email as soon as we begin recruitment for the position.
  • You may also find job announcements on our facebook ( and twitter ( pages.
How do I apply for employment with the District?
Please click on the Job Opportunities link under the Job Information menu to view the current job opportunities at Bassett USD.
Unless otherwise specified on a job bulletin/posting, please use the NEOGOV online application process to submit job applications and any supporting materials (e.g. resume).
How do I find out about the job duties, minimum requirements and type of examination?
Job bulletins may be picked up at the Personnel Commission Office at 904 North Willow Avenue, La Puente, CA, 91746. Job bulletins are an excellent source of information that lists the salary, duties of the job, requirements necessary to qualify for the examination, special requirements (such as licenses), and most importantly, the time and date by which applications must be submitted.
The education and experience requirements for a job are listed on the job bulletins. Read the requirements carefully. The job may require college course work, a specified amount of experience, license, certification, or skill, knowledge and ability in specific areas. This should help you determine if you meet the requirements of the job. If in doubt, it is best to submit your application and the Personnel Commission staff will evaluate your experience and determine whether or not you meet the requirements.
Job specifications (descriptions) describing all classified jobs are available by clicking the Job Specifications button on the menu panel (on your left hand side).
If I want to apply for more than one job, do I have to file more than one application?
You may apply for as many positions as you wish, given that you meet the minimum qualifications criteria for these positions. NEOGOV online application system requires that you create a username and password and use it every time you need to submit an application. The benefit of an online application system is that you will only need to enter your general information and employment history only once. Having created an account, the task of applying for a new job opening is much simpler, and you will only be required to provide information that you feel is relevant to the position and answer any supplemental questions pertinent to that job opening.
How often can I re-apply for a job I previously applied for?
If it is open for recruitment, you may file an application anytime; however, you will not be allowed to retest until after a three month period has elapsed since your last application was evaluated or since you last tested for that job.
How does the Personnel Commission determine if I qualify for this job?
The Personnel Commission reviews the application materials submitted. These materials may include a special supplemental experience statement, a list of college and/or training courses and/or a list of specific employment experiences. For your application to get the consideration it deserves, it is very important that you fill out the application materials completely. You may also include a resume. Do not, however, state “see resume” when asked to describe your responsibilities and experience. Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of information you provide on the application. Your resume will be reviewed only for clarification purposes.
Frequently, a Supplemental Experience Statement will be required so that you can more fully explain specific experience or qualifications.
The supplemental statement focuses on the key responsibilities of the position for which you are applying and allows you to elaborate on your previous experience/training in areas of particular relevance to the job. Resumes, letters of reference, certifications, etc., may be included with the application, but only your responses to the areas in the application and supplemental experience statement will be evaluated.
Include not only paid work experience, but all other experience which may apply to the job, i.e., volunteer work experience, licenses, professional affiliations, classes you have taken, training you have received and any other special qualifications. Failure to include all information requested could result in the rejection of your application. With accurate and complete information, we will be able to determine whether you meet the minimum qualifications for the job class.
Since there is usually a large number of applications for each recruitment, the evaluation process can take several days. We realize the wait can be frustrating, but please be patient. We want to give each application the careful consideration it deserves.
Does everyone who applies take an exam?
Generally, if you meet the minimum qualifications for a job, you will be scheduled to take the exam. You will be notified of the date, time and location for most exams. For some exams the application and supplemental experience statement package is the actual test.
What kind of examination will I have to take?
The type of test used to qualify candidates depends mostly on the nature of the job. Depending on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform these job duties, the examination may consist of one or more of the following: evaluation of your training and experience on the application/supplemental, written tests, oral interviews, performance tests or assessment exercises.
For example, an applicant for a secretarial job may take a performance test in keyboarding skills and a written test on clerical, human relations and mathematical abilities. All applicants will be interviewed as well. The interview process is considered an oral test.
Most of the questions in written tests that school districts give are multiple choice. This means that you will be asked to pick the right answer from a number of answers that are given with the question. Sometimes true-false questions are used.
If a test is too easy, most people will get high scores, and it will look like everyone who took the test is equally qualified to do the job. If a test is too hard, most people will get low scores and it will look as though no one is qualified. A good test allows well-qualified applicants to get a high score. Less well-qualified applicants will get lower scores and the least qualified will score lowest.
How do I prepare for the test? What do I study?
All tests given by BUSD are job-related and designed to test the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the functions of the job. Read the job description on the job announcement, then study the material which you feel would directly or indirectly relate to the necessary knowledge, skills or abilities. For example, if two of the requirements for a job are performing mathematical calculations and interpreting regulations, some of the exam questions probably will cover math and reading comprehension. If you feel you need to study or practice, start at a library to look for appropriate materials and books.
Please visit the links page if you're interested in a variety of practice tests in areas of math, English vocabulary and grammar, and typing tutorial.
On the day of the test, leave home early enough so that you will not have to rush. To be admitted to the exam, bring the exam notice with you and a picture ID. Applicants are not admitted late to the exams.
If you may need reasonable accommodation at any phase of the application or testing process, please make your request for reasonable accommodation as described on the job announcement.
What happens after I take the examination?
You will be notified of the examination results. BUSD looks for the highest qualified applicants. Pass/fail determinations and the final score will be based on the distribution of scores resulting from the evaluation/examination. The passing point also will be influenced by several factors, including the number and qualifications of applicants, the amount of turnover, the number of vacancies expected and the total number of positions authorized.
If you pass the evaluation/examination, you will be placed on an eligible list in order of your final score. Qualified candidates may then be referred to BUSD schools and departments as vacancies occur.
If you receive notice that you are not successful in the process, don’t be discouraged. All classified BUSD selection processes are highly competitive. Try again.
The schools and departments review application materials for those candidates certified/referred from the top three ranks plus any employee transfer and reinstatement requests for their vacancy. In most cases, the Personnel Commission will schedule interviews for a specified date for the hiring site. The hiring site can hire any of the certified eligible candidates who they believe is the best qualified for the vacancy.