"The Merit System of making appointments is in its essence as democratic and American as the common school system itself."
Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States 

Current Job Opportunities

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- Athletic Trainer (Substitute)
- Bus Driver (Substitute)
- Campus Security Officer (Substitute)
- Child Development Assistant (Substitute)
- Child Development Assistant - Head Start                     (Substitute)
- Child Nutrition Assistant I - 1 Vacancy
- Custodian I (Substitute)
- Health Assistant (Substitute)
- HVAC Technician (Substitute)
- Instructional Assistant - Special Education                     (Substitute)
- Instructional Health Assistant - Special Education         (Substitute)
Student Safety Monitor

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  • Comprehensive online application system
  • Task-based minimum qualifications
  • Competency modeling in classification and examination
  • Hands-on performance testing
  • Physical Aptitude testing


  • Merit system guidelines
  • Validation of testing materials
  • Internal/external job alignment
  • Salary/Classification surveys
  • Due process monitoring
  • Appeal hearings


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